Why do I write this blog? It’s a lot of work, and it costs money. But here’s why I write to you:

I love America, and my dream is that we can pour so much love into the Heart of America that our beloved country becomes truly pure and benevolent again.

In this thread of this blog, I am sharing my experiences when I systematically began waking and expanding my heart. In 2013 I started a two year online program called The University of the Heart taught by iamHeart in Tucson, AZ.

In my first two-month course, I discovered the Heart of America. More specifically, I experienced the wounds in the Heart of America. I forget the specific meditation assignment, but I was meditating and breathing within my heart when suddenly the vast pain of the Native Americans poured into my heart.


I started weeping at the pain and suffering we caused as a nation, and then a second wave of horror and sadness poured into me as I felt the collective trauma of slavery. It was unbelievably intense, this pain and sadness.


More waves of pain came in from our wars, from our horrendous treatment and forced sterilization of the mentally challenged, and from the hungry and impoverished segments of our population.


I shut the experience down. I could not handle it, all that pain pouring into me.

Afterwards, I felt like a complete failure. I failed to transmute and heal that energy, those wounds in the Heart of America. But I was clear that experience had been given to me so I would know that the wounds are there in the Heart of America, and that we can heal them. And I knew it was my job to help start the healing of the Heart of our beautiful country.

You may have heard the phrase “Hearing the Cry of Humanity”. I felt only a slice of that; I heard and felt the Cry of America.

I am calling for a vast Chorus of Great Hearts to sing to the Heart of America.

About our being a Chorus – don’t worry if you can’t sing – our hearts will do the singing. All we need to do is heal and expand our own hearts, and hold the intention to heal the wounds in the Heart of America.

It’s easy to picture a mother singing to her injured or sick child. How nourishing it feels, and how much love pours from the mother to the child. But I will also tell that if you have ever had the chance to hear a men’s chorus singing with love and compassion to their brothers, their families, to the ones they love – this will also open your heart. All are welcome in this Chorus of Great Hearts.

As we expand and heal our own wounds in our hearts, our lives almost magically transform. We are energetic Beings first, and our hearts are the centers of energy in our bodies. As we heal and strengthen our hearts, we become free to love, to trust, to act without hesitation, and most importantly to live in the alignment and effortless flow of the Universal Heart.

What do you think? Heal your own heart, and simultaneously heal the Heart of America? How perfect is that?

Some of us may be thinking “This is too big of a project; we can’t possibly make an impact.” I understand this feeling very well. It sure looks like that is true, but at the deep levels of the heart it doesn’t work that way. The hearts that need healing move to join the healthy and focused hearts.

Imagine being at a political convention where a political party is trying to decide what their platform is going to be. It seems so chaotic as different factions are shouting and waving signs about abortion, immigration, war, debt, jobs, health care, etc.

Suddenly a small focused group deep in the center of the convention floor starts chanting in unison: “Heal, Heal, Heal the Heart Now!” They chant this over and over. The unity of the call is so profound people start to listen. At first they think it is strange but soon enough it becomes a normal topic. Everyone embraces it, and healing our hearts becomes the normal and obvious thing for everyone to do.

Most people can’t see it, but this is already happening in America now. The Culture of the Heart, conversations about living in our hearts, and just awareness of the power of the heart are all rising in America. If you start to look for it, you will see it. I am asking for your help to speed up this process.

We don’t really have to be a vast group of hearts – just a committed group that continually heals our own hearts. As we heal our hearts, we heal the wounds in the Heart of America.

Our country – every country – has its own energetic body. The Heart of America is really the reflection of the collective hearts of all Americans, past and present. We all hold our share of the wounds of America within our hearts. They are our wounds, and we share them with each other. We are delicately connected with all Americans, past and present, at the level of our energetic hearts.

There is gentle balance in the Heart of America. This is a balance between our acts of greatness, of kindness, of charity and love, balanced with the wounds in our heart caused by our acts of harshness, of hatred, bigotry, and selfishness.

Remember playing on a teeter-totter as a child? Just a slight shift in the balance causes a huge effect up and down to each of you. Just a slight shift in the health of the Heart of America can cause a tidal wave of love to envelop our country and all of us living in this beautiful land.

What do you think? Would you like to be one of those great souls who shift the destiny of America?

You start by making a commitment to heal and expand the power and love within your own heart. There are many ways to heal and expand your heart. Most of them are religious – it is indeed rare to find a simple and pure spiritual school focused on the heart.

May I suggest you learn Heart Rhythm meditation? It is free to learn, and you will become the best of friends with your heart.



About Rev. Steven Winn

I’m 65 now. Since I was twenty I have meditated and done various spiritual and religious practices for 3 to 5 hours a day. Along the way I married my wonderful wife of 35 years. We have two adult children who live in Amma’s ashram in Kerala, India, and I served as a Christian minister for 18 very fulfilling years. (Unity Church and the Mystical Fellowship of the Holy Spirit Church in Fairfield, IA.)

Ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to start the process of healing the wounds in the Heart of America.

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